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ArTA Advanced Course

Have you completed the ArTA Basic Course and would you like to apply ArTA efficiently in your own work context, deepen the theory from a neuroscientific framework and use it to underpin your treatment? Then this course is for you.


This course builds on the basic course. We deepen the theory of ArTA and also look at the workingsmechanisms of art therapy from a neuroscientific perspective.

You will practice using ArTA in your own work context. The Basic Course introduced you to the ArTA method. In this advanced course, we will look at how to efficiently integrate it into your specific work context, including practicing with an abbreviated ArTA observation form.


In addition, we will take the next step in treatment: how can you design ArTA-based treatment interventions that enable the client to work on the formulated goals? We also pay attention to the client's nuanced and complex context.


We also look at how you can position and communicate your art therapy contribution to other stakeholders such as therapists, caregivers, and the client. There is plenty of room to bring in your own experiences.


After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Master the ArTA method in diverse and complex situations in your own work context.

  • Observe and diagnose more effectively in your own work context.

  • Formulate, implement and evaluate treatment interventions based on the ArTA diagnosis.

  • Explain the workingmechanisms of art therapy from a neuroscientific perspective.

  • Position and communicate the contribution of art therapy in terms of observation, assessment and treatment to others involved in the treatment, such as health professionals and, of course, the client.


You will demonstrate achievement of these objectives by writing a short case report.


For whom

Art therapists who wish to further deepen and master the ArTA method and apply it efficiently in diverse and/or complex situations in their own clinical work context.

In order to have sufficient attention to everyone's experiences in working with ArTA in clinical practice, we work with a group of minimum 3 and maximum 5 participants.


Total 30 hours divided into:

- 6 meetings of 2 hours

- 8 hours of practice in your own work context

- 10 hours of self-study, including writing case report (online supervison included)

Where       Online

By               Dr. Ingrid Penzes


Incompany: In consultation.

Individual registration: €550,-


You will receive a certificate of participation after completing the course. You will also receive an ArTA certificate if you have actively participated in all components and have sufficiently mastered the ArTA method.


Interested or questions? 

Send me a message and I will contact you soon!

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