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Where art meets health

Where art meets health

Where art meets health

My blog features posts about my thoughts at the intersection of art and health. 

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I am Dr. Ingrid Pénzes. As an art therapist, mental health scientist, and doctor in social sciences, I operate at the intersection of the arts and the psyche. I have a PhD in the relationship between the art form and mental health. The way a person creates images reveals where and what is causing a person to get stuck. Making images, looking at them and possibly discussing them, challenges you to get out of your comfort zone, look at things from a different point of view, explore possibilities and discover opportunities for personal development.This increases your adaptability so you can better deal with stress and other challenges in life.

To translate this knowledge into practice, I offer training for professionals and guidance for researchers and institutions.
I also offer assessment for companies, institutions and individuals.  


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