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ArTA Guided intervision

If you start working with ArTA in your own clinical practice after the ArTA Course, it can be worthwhile to reflect interactively and under supervision on issues and experiences that arise. 


In the guided intervision, you reflect interactively under supervision on experiences in applying the ArTA method in clinical practice. Questions, bottlenecks are discussed and you deepen your knowledge and skills in ArTA. Guided intervision is a standard part of the ArTA Course. If this is offered Incompany, the frequency, duration and number can be determined in consultation. In addition, supervised intervision is intended as a follow-up trajectory of the ArTA Course. We work in groups of a maximum of 5 participants, in order to give everyone sufficient individual attention.



Reflecting interactively and under supervision on issues and experiences that arise during the use of the ArTA method in their own clinical practice.

For whom

For art therapists who use ArTA in their own clinical practice and who like to reflect under supervision on knowledge, skills, experiences, bottlenecks, etc.

Duration     Duration and frequency in consultation.

Where          Online

By                  Dr. Ingrid Penzes


Individual: €90 per hour

Group: €75,- p.p. per meeting


You will receive a certificate of participation.

Register, interested or questions? 

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