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ArTA Basic Course

Do you want to master the ArTA method and be able to apply it in your own clinical practice? Then this course is for you!


In this course you will be introduced to the theory of the ArTA method. You will practice observing patterns of 'material interaction', 'material experience' and the 'art product' of a client in your own practive and learn how to interpret these in terms of balance and adaptability as aspects of mental health. 


After successful completion of this course, you will master the ArTA method and be able to apply it in your own clinical practice.

1. You know the theory of the ArTA method.

  • You know which aspects of mental health become visible in the visual art form.

  • You are aware of the importance of art therapy observation and assessment in the context of indication and treatment.

  • You know how to formulate an art therapy diagnosis based on the observation of 'material interaction', 'material experience' and 'formal elements of the art product'.

  • You know the four steps of ArTA; observation, analysis, interpretation and formulation.

  • You know how to use the ArTA observation form.


2. You apply the four steps of the ArTA method using the  observation form in your own clinical practice. You are able to:

  • observe the concepts 'material interaction', 'material experience' and 'formal elements of an art product'.

  • analyze patterns in material interaction, material experience and formal elements of art products.

  • interpret these patterns in terms of mental health.

  • formulate an art therapy diagnosis.


For whom

Art therapists who want to master the ArTA method and apply it in their own clinical practice in adult mental health and youth from 14 years on. If you would like training for your team , please get in touch and we will tailor an Incompany training.

Did you know that we also offer this training for art therapy teacher teams? Depending on your goals, for example learning to master the method yourself, learning to supervise students in the application of ArTA, supervision of the method in the curriculum, we make a tailor-made training. 

Maximum number of participants

We work with groups of up to 5 participants to ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve.


Total 24 hours divided into:

- 6 meetings of 2 hours of which: 

2 hours Introduction

2 hours of theoretical introduction 

2 hours introduction use observation form ArTA

3 x 2 hours guided intervision

- 8 hours of practice with own case 

- 4 hours of self study

The frequency and duration of the guided intervision can be extended if desired (see guided intervision).

Where       Online

By               Dr. Ingrid Penzes


Wednesdays at 3-5pm CET (= 2-4pm GMT/ 9-11am EST/ 4-6 EET)

October 2

October 9

October 16

October 30

November 13

November 27

Are these days/times not convenient? Then feel free to let me know what would be most comfortable for you, and I can take that into consideration in a future schedule!


Incompany: in consultation.

Individual registration: € 580,-


You will receive a certificate of participation after completing the course. You will also receive an ArTA certificate if you have actively participated in all components and have sufficiently mastered the ArTA method.


Any questions?

Send me a message and I will contact you soon!

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